Game 4: Senators at Bruins: The Bruluminati Is Everywhere!

Game 4: Senators at Bruins: The Bruluminati Is Everywhere!


Game 4: Senators at Bruins: The Bruluminati Is Everywhere!

On this day in history, the American Revolution began 242 years ago


242- Backes wears 42 and has 2 PIMs in the playoffs so far

PIMs- The Bruins have a total of 12

12 is made up of 1 and 2. Bruins lost by 1 goal in the past 2 games

The Bruins lost those games in Overtime

The OT goal last game was on the PP after a penalty was called against Boston

Tim Peel was the referee that game

Tim Peel is a piece of shit.

Gardens are fertilized with manure, which is made out of shit

The Bruins play at the TD Garden

There is a conspiracy here!

Ok, I’m not going to continue down the dark path of bitching about the officiating last game, I’ve already had plenty of time to do that.  In fact, I’m still feeling good about the Bruins chances.  I always thought this series was going 7 games, and the injuries and some missteps aside, I like what I see.I’ve said before that the longer this series goes, the more in benefits the Bruins.  They’ve already gotten Acciari and Krejci back and could possibly have Colin Miller and Carlo back soon.  I’m not predicting a Cup run or anything, but I feel something that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Now that mean ol’ Mr. Pizz is finished doling out the feel goods. Lets talk about Bradley fucking Marchand. Remember when everyone’s undies were gushing at the idea of a “rested” and “angry” Marchand coming into the playoffs after he tried to take the zippity out of Dotchin’s doo dah? Well here is a list of players with more points than him:

David Pastrnak
David Backes
Patrice Bergeron
Riley Nash
Ryan Spooner
John-Michael Liles

Marchand has more penalties than he does points in the playoffs right now. He also leads the team in average Time on Ice for Forwards and is 5th in the NHL in average TOI. He needs to be better and he needs to keep his fucking head down because every referee in the NHL has wet dreams about call a penalty on him.

And it’s all his fault.

Ok, I’m done spraying my salt all over Marchypoo

My prediction for the rest of the series:

Game 4- Win
Game 5- Win
Game 6- Loss
Game 7- Win

Make it happen

Game Day Video:



We need enough money to convince Elisha Cuthbert to leave Dion Phaneuf and go on a date with Jon so he can finally die happy.


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