Nathan Peterman could be surprise second-round pick

Nathan Peterman could be surprise second-round pick

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Nathan Peterman could be surprise second-round pick

The top four quarterbacks in the 2017 draft class all have been dissected in every way possible and none of them show any immediate signs of being a franchise savior.

With the draft a week away, the second tier of quarterback prospects is now getting some attention, especially Nathan Peterman.

The Pittsburgh quarterback has had visits with the Cardinals and Chargers and has worked out for the Jaguars, according to Pro Football Talk.

The 6’2″, 226-pound Peterman originally went to Tennessee, but was injured in 2013 and lost his starting job to fellow draft prospect Joshua Dobbs in 2014. Peterman transferred to Pitt and threw 47 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions in two seasons. The biggest feather in Peterman’s cap is his five-touchdown performance in the Panthers’ 43-42 win eventual national champion Clemson last season.

Peterman is regarded as a third- or a fourth-round pick, but the quarterback inflation that inevitably takes place on draft day could vault him into the second round.

The Chargers and Cardinals are looking for successors to Philip Rivers and Carson Palmer. The Jaguars have to start thinking about a Plan B if Blake Bortles doesn’t improve.

All three of those teams have picks in the top half of the second round. The Jaguars have the 35th pick. The Chargers have the 38th pick and the Cardinals have the 45th pick. Even though he comes from a pro-style offense and theoretically is more pro-ready than quarterbacks who are predicted to go in the first round, Peterman wouldn’t be needed to start right away for the Chargers or Cardinals. In Jacksonville’s case he’d be there to breathe down Bortles’ neck.

Peterman, however, doesn’t have an inkling where he’ll end up.

“It’s usually the team you never hear from that drafts you,” he said.

He already sounds like a wily veteran.

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