Knicks are pushing out more 'Celtics are interested in Melo' garbage

Knicks are pushing out more 'Celtics are interested in Melo' garbage

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Knicks are pushing out more 'Celtics are interested in Melo' garbage

Phil Jackson is spectacularly disastrous as a GM. I hope he remains in control of the Knicks for a decade. After further alienating Carmelo Anthony last week by saying the Knicks haven’t won with him and he’d be better off somewhere else, Jackson is now working to find that “somewhere else.” I guarantee he’s behind this nonsense in the New York Post:

With the Celtics fading in the first round, the chances of Carmelo Anthony wearing green are increasing.

According to an NBA source, the Celtics coaching staff was in favor of trading for Anthony at the trade deadline, but general manager Danny Ainge had too many reservations. One of Ainge’s concerns, according to a source, was an Anthony trade would have given Boston no real cap space to work with for the 2017 free-agent class.

With the top-seeded Celtics possibly on their way to getting swept by the eighth-seeded Bulls, Ainge’s thoughts on adding Anthony could change this July.

The Post has learned that in talks with the Celtics, their defensive small forward Jae Crowder would be a major player of interest for Knicks president Phil Jackson.

Of course Danny Ainge had reservations. What GM wouldn’t have reservations about acquiring a soon-to-be 33 year old forward due $53 million over the next two seasons?

I also believe the coaching staff would be in favor of adding Melo to the roster because he provides a skill-set the team desperately lacks.

But the problem is (and has always been)… the cost. You simple can’t devote $53 million to a one dimensional player, especially when that one dimension is diminishing.

If the Celtics come up empty in free agency (hello Gordon Hayward) AND Danny Ainge is unable to land a Jimmy Butler or Paul George or Mystery Player X and Disgruntled Player Yet To Be Revealed Y, maybe he rolls the dice on Melo.

This story tries to paint the Celtics as a desperate team. First round loss or not, Ainge will not panic. Especially if he lands a top 2 pick in the draft. Would anyone outside of the ill-informed on Boston talk radio be upset if Ainge made the pick and re-tooled the roster with mid-level moves? We’d be a facing another 50-win season with two top 3 picks as potential cornerstone players.

Jackson might want Crowder, but I don’t think Ainge would give him up for Melo. Danny has all the leverage. Taking on Melo’s salary is a huge part of this deal.


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