On 420 Day, the 420th Met is Now Injured

On 420 Day, the 420th Met is Now Injured


On 420 Day, the 420th Met is Now Injured

Ray Ramirez is in mid-season form.

This is what we get for complaining about depth. At the start of the season there were too many outfielders and Michael Conforto couldn’t get any playing time. Now, we’re two players closer to having Tim Tebow roam the outfield in Flushing. To think that early in the game, the worst part about Thursday’s loss to the Phillies was Noah Syndergaard and Neil Walker playing I got it you take it on a Jay Bruce toss to first base. But that seems like chicken feed now after Yoenis Cespedes left the game in the fifth inning with that the team called “a hamstring cramp“.

Now, hamstrings cramp. But I’ve never, ever heard somebody leaving a major league baseball game grabbing the back of their leg and having it called a “cramp”.

“Hamstring shock” looks too ominous on an injury report. It’s how the Mets manipulate language. Just as George Carlin warned many years ago.

Cespedes is expected to miss 2-3 days in fantasy land. In the real world, it probably translates to 2-3 years. It’s too bad Keith Hernandez didn’t call this game with Gare. With Cespedes getting hurt and the three errors that led to the Mets losing another Noah Syndergaard start, Keith would have had a field day in the booth with his sighs and his jeezes. But with nothing to do, I wonder how he reacted to the Mets’ loss in the privacy of his own home last night:

To quote Adam Rubin: OH NO!

Today’s Hate List

  1. Andrew Knapp
  2. Andrew Knapp’s mustache
  3. Daniel Nava
  4. The Brandon Sun
  5. Ray Ramirez

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