Spurs’ High-Low and Give & Go Plays vs Grizzlies in Game 3

Spurs’ High-Low and Give & Go Plays vs Grizzlies in Game 3


Spurs’ High-Low and Give & Go Plays vs Grizzlies in Game 3

Though the San Antonio Spurs lost Thursday in Game 3 against the Memphis Grizzlies, there were two unique play calls San Antonio made to get two quality looks for Kawhi Leonard (18 points) and Patty Mills (11 points).

The first play that will be analyzed was a high-low possession the Spurs used to get Leonard an alley-oop layup in the first quarter, and then a give-and-go possession the Spurs used to get Mills an open 3-point look in the third quarter.

Motion Strong: 4-3 High-Low

This play was diagrammed out of the Spurs’ use of Motion Strong, which is one of their ways to get Leonard in the low block through the use of ball and player movement with different actions.


The video below will take a step-by-step look at how the play is developed.

Now, here’s the possession in real time.

With all the traps and double teams Leonard is constantly seeing in the series, it’s a play like this that can get Leonard a quick efficient look without having to use too much of his energy.

1-4 Give & Go Top 3PT

Earlier in the season, the C.J. McCollum Give & Go 3-pointer was analyzed in depth. While there isn’t as much action packed in this 1-4 Give & Go set, it was still effective to get Mills a quality 3-point look. Here’s how the play is diagrammed.


Next, here’s the play in real time.

With two different styles of point guards in Tony Parker and Mills, it’s key for the Spurs to try to get Mills some good looks that best suit his skillset. Since Mills is a dangerous shooter from the outside off screens, this was a very productive set for Mills to launch from the outside.

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