Will the Redskins use or trade their First-Round Draft pick?

Will the Redskins use or trade their First-Round Draft pick?


Will the Redskins use or trade their First-Round Draft pick?

The Redskins have the 17th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Is there value at that pick? The Redskins hint that they on open to trading it.

Here’s the list of players taken at No. 17 in the last five Drafts

2016 Keanu Neal SS Falcons Florida 14 Starts. Ranked 2nd in defensive starts by safeties
2015 Arik Armstead DE 49ers Oregon 4 Starts. ‘Niners are still hoping.
2014 CJ Mosley ILB Ravens Alabama 2 Pro Bowls; 46 of 46 Starts. The Redskins should be so lucky.
2013 Jarvis Jones OLB Steelers Georgia 35 Starts
2102 Bruce IRVIN De Seahawks W. Virginia 53 Starts


All of these players were defenders. Perhaps that’s coincidental.

Most of them are starters, as to be expected of first-round picks.

One (Mosley) is a Pro Bowler.

The Redskins hinted they are open to trading out of the pick. They own 10 picks this year. It’s enough to package an offer of multiple picks to move up.

Or, they trade down to later in the first round to gather more picks.

That would be fitting of former GM Scot McCloughan who believed one could never be too rich nor have too many Draft picks.

How to read trade offers

The 17th pick is worth 950 points on a Draft Value Chart. If Washington traded down to the 27th pick, they could still draft a valuable player and gain a late second-round or high third-round pick.

The trick is to have a willing trade partner with an offer that makes sense. The Redskins need a team desperate to move up to their spot to grab a player before team 18, 19 or 20 grabs that guy.

For example, touts on NFL.com project that the Titans with the 18th pick will select Corey Davis (WR), John Ross (WR) or Charles Harris (OLB). If the Buccaneers, picking 19th, or Broncos, picking 20th, want one of those players, they could make a multi-pick offer to the Redskins to move into their slot and cut off the Titans.

If the ‘Skins feel they can still get their guy, they may pull the trigger on the offer.

Hog Heaven hopes the Redskins stay within the first-round whatever they do. We must seed the future with high, well-chosen, Draft picks.

We repeat that Bruce Allen must stick with McCloughan’s philosophy of selecting the best available talent regardless of need. Best available talent is the best shot at building strength on strength.

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