32 Predictable Pieces of Public Promotion

32 Predictable Pieces of Public Promotion


32 Predictable Pieces of Public Promotion

32 Draft Platitudes. On Draft Day, all 32 teams have won! Since we know that is impossible, what do the comments below collectively mean? It means that the Draft is a media Public Relations show to sell their fans on hype and hope. Most of these guys will not be on the team in 3-4 years. The average NFL career is 3 years. Many won’t survive. Yet right now, every team has gotten the 1974 Steelers Draft. Not. We will go back 3-5 years from now and see how many of these platitudes were wrong. In the meantime, let’s sell those jerseys and fill those seats!

AFC East

“We got our hands on some good football players.” (Buffalo)

“We got good players, good people.” (Miami)

“Staff did an awesome job this weekend. We try to add players that will have an opportunity to be competitive in our program.” (New England)

“We brought in a lot of toughness.” (NY Jets)

AFC North

“We have, no doubt in my mind, improved our football team.” (Baltimore)

“We really were blessed the way the draft fell for us. It was a really beneficial 3 days.” (Cincinnati)

“We are excited about what we were able to accomplish this weekend.” (Cleveland)

“We are very pleased. We think we added some good players. It unfolded as we hoped. It sorted out good.” (Pittsburgh)

AFC South

“I think it was a very productive weekend. I think our football team is better.” (Houston)

“Really good weekend. Excited about us moving forward!” (Indianapolis)

“We’re excited to have those guys. It’s been a good weekend.” (Jacksonville)

“We’re excited about the guys we were able to add. Just excited about the direction of our football team from a player standpoint.” (Tennessee)

AFC West

“Things fell well. It worked out well, we are proud of this class, happy with this class.” (Denver)

“John Dorsey gets excited about Chiefs draft picks.” (Kansas City)

“It was really productive. The players we have added will really help us. This was a really productive 3 days. Every pick we had in there, the (draft room) guys are jumping up and down, giving high fives.” (LA Chargers)

“The way it fell, we got a lot of players.. with high talent levels from top to bottom.. job well done.” (Oakland)

NFC East

“The draft set up nice for us and it played out that way.” (Dallas)

“We’re always happy with the draft… We feel like we got some good players.” (NY Giants)

“We feel good about (the draft), we got a lot of good people into the building.” (Philadelphia)

“We got bigger, stronger. We also drafted some speed… We got great, physical, tough guys.” (Washington)

NFC North

“Very pleased with how the draft went, very pleased with the guys we got.” (Chicago)

“We added 6 good football players (on Day 3) to our team.. We feel that we will have a good crop of rookie free agents.” (Detroit)

“I think it’s an excellent group. I don’t know if the weekend could have gone any better.” (Green Bay)

“Very excited about what we were able to accomplish in the 3rd Day. We filled a lot of needs on our roster.. We’ll have a pretty good offensive team.” (Minnesota)

NFC South

“It’s a draft class full of guys that represent our culture here.. competitiveness, grittiness, fire along with having athleticism and speed. This is a full package.” (Atlanta)

“Every single guy we drafted is a high character guy.” (Carolina)

“We are excited about the way things fell.” (New Orleans)

“We were really happy with all the picks we got.” (Tampa Bay)

NFC West

“I haven’t been this excited about a Day 3 Draft in a long time. To me it is an outstanding Day 3.” (Arizona)

“..we were able to address a lot of those needs.. we were able to get to that spot that we wanted. And we felt like we accomplished that.” (LA Rams)

“I’m proud of this draft.” “I’m as excited as John. I think we’ve improved a whole lot.” (San Francisco)

“The way this whole draft turned out- it’s great to have 11 guys coming in this draft class.” (Seattle)

Did you notice who had the weakest platitude? That would be the Patriots. They don’t need P.R. when they win the Division every year and win Super Bowls.

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