Q and A about Matt Milano with AJ Black from @BCHysteria

Q and A about Matt Milano with AJ Black from @BCHysteria

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Q and A about Matt Milano with AJ Black from @BCHysteria

1) What are the pros and cons to Milano’s game?

Matt is very quick for a linebacker, and could be a tweener at safety if he is coached correctly. Hard hitting, he has a knack for sniffing out plays and making that big play. He was a quiet leader on the Boston College defense, who was very popular with his teammates. I worry a little about his strength, against some of the better ACC teams he had a tendency to get gobbled up and disappear. With the increase in talent, I have some worries that this will happen more frequently in the NFL.

2) Do you see him fitting in a 4-3 defense and why?

Absolutely, he played in a 4-3 defense for four years in college and thrived. He’s very disciplined with his assignments and will do just fine continuing in this scheme at the pro level.

3) How do you see him as a special teams player?

I think this may be where his future lies in the NFL. Even when he started with Boston College he played on almost every coverage team play during his time at BC. He finished his career at BC with three blocked punts and 24 special team tackles. Given his decent speed, and good tackling ability it seems like he would be a great fit on special teams.

4) How is he in coverage and run defense?

I think both of these are traits that are pretty average for Matt Milano. In open space and 1-1 he is not going to miss a tackle. However when he a blocker gets in front of him he sometimes would struggle to get free and make the tackle. BC had one of the best run defenses in the country, and Milano was certainly a big contributor on that.

5) Do you think he was a reach in the 5th round for the Bills?

If it was a reach it was only a slight reach as most mock’s I had, and most analysts I talked to had him as a 6th round grade. However, I think he’s a great person to reach for. He has alot of those intangibles that make him a good value in the 5th.

6) Do you think he can be an NFL starter one day?

It’s hard to say. He was definitely one of my favorites on Boston College the past two years, but could I see him as an every down linebacker in the NFL. I tend to say no. However, I think he will be a valuable special teams contributor in his time in the NFL.

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