Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy


Call Me Crazy

The Mets had to bounce back on Monday night not only from 23-5, but from the news that Noah Syndergaard was going to be out “indefinitely” with a strained lat muscle. You know what indefinitely means …

But bounce back they did. Michael Conforto had a home run and three RBI, Neil Walker and T.J. Rivera drove in runs, and Jose Reyes has his average all the way up to .178 … whoo hoo. Despite Robert Gsellman trying like hell to give away a 6-1 lead, the Mets … also helped by a sliding catch by Curtis Granderson in the sixth with the Braves threatening to take the lead … held on for a 7-5 win in the Mets’ first game at Sun Trust Park. This means that at least for the next few hours, the Mets are undefeated at a ballpark in Atlanta. Enjoy these times.

I know it’s out of character for me, but I really do believe that the Mets have enough to keep them afloat until Syndergaard and Yoenis Cespedes. I know Syndergaard is probably going to be out for two months or so, but there’s enough on this roster to win some games. As long as the bullpen tightens up and Gsellman doesn’t completely kill them, they can avoid the abyss. Now if the Mets were smart enough to bring up Amed Rosario, it might be even better. But Lucas Duda and Wilmer Flores haven’t had any amputations and are on the mend, so the Mets should have options going forward. These aren’t the ’29 Athletics by any means, but there’s enough. The Mets proved there is enough by dropping a six spot on notorious Met-killer Julio Teheran. It might be the sugar talking, but as distressed as I am with the Mets and their handling of injuries and their “we know better than everybody” mentality on them, I don’t think this team is dead quite yet.

Does it make me crazy? Yes, but watching this team for 40 years has already made me certifiable. What’s one more year?

Today’s Hate List

  1. John Rocker
  2. Eddie Perez
  3. Walt Weiss
  4. Kevin Millwood
  5. Odalis Perez

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