The Band Is Dissolved

The Band Is Dissolved


The Band Is Dissolved

We all know about the Mets’ struggles this season with their batting average. The one portion of the set list we expected to outshine any flaws the show might have was their starting rotation. Well after Matt Harvey gave up six runs on eight hits and three walks in five and a third innings, we have to come to a realization about our supposed best feature right at this moment:

  • Jacob deGrom: 2.84 ERA
  • Matt Harvey: 5.14 ERA after Tuesday’s loss to the Braves.
  • Zack Wheeler: 4.78 ERA and an innings limit.
  • Robert Gsellman: 6.75 ERA
  • Rafael Montero: 9.45 ERA, albeit as a reliever.

It’s like deGrom is Jagger, but instead of getting the Stones we are getting Superheavy. (I guess that makes Noah Syndergaard Keith Richards.) And it’s depressing. Matt Harvey no longer has an ill-advised workout the day before a start to fall back on. The missing rib thing is still legitimate, I guess. But Harvey no longer has the luxury of being able to blend in and work through his issues, fair or not. He has to figure it out quickly or it’s over.

R.A. Dickey got the victory and is now 3-2. He could get himself 20 wins if he faced the Mets all year. Meanwhile, Jay Bruce had two home runs including a grand slam in the ninth inning which teased all of us and made the final score of 9-7 a lot less hazardous to the Pythagorean W-L record. The good news is that when Bruce and his wife have their second child, Sun Trust is a good first and middle name for a boy or a girl.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Rick Camp
  2. Ken Dayley
  3. Brad Komminsk
  4. Brook Jacoby
  5. Paul Zuvella

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