Carson Wentz breaks some eggs to make an Eagles omelet---

Carson Wentz breaks some eggs to make an Eagles omelet---


Carson Wentz breaks some eggs to make an Eagles omelet---

Carson Wentz is a unique dude…

Combine Kurt Warner with Johnny Cash and Donnie Osmond and Ted Nugent and Mark Lindsay, and I think you get Carson Wentz…

According to Tim McManus of, Wentz bought high-end Beretta shotguns for his O-line for Christmas. “They were still in the process of being customized at the time, so Wentz sent a text message to the group with a picture of the guns attached. It appears they have come in.”

Jason Kelce, Isaac Seumalo, Allen Barbre and Dillon Gordon (wearing a throwback jersey from his LSU days) appear to be among those pictured. Seumalo admitted upon receiving Wentz’s gift that he hadn’t held a gun before, but “Carson said he’d teach me how to use it and all that good stuff.”

I’m not a guns guy, I prefer my shooting to be restricted to the golf course…but I get the whole target-shooting thing and the occasional need to thin out the herd.

One thing I dig about Carson Wentz is he’s so damn sociable— he invites his people out on a hunt as much to forge human bonds as to actually seek prey.

If this kid ain’t special in so many ways, I’ll eat my Eagles baseball hat. We got a real original personality in Carson Wentz.

He may not be politically correct, but he is a true-blue human being in the best sense of the term “true blue”…

synonyms: staunch, loyal, faithful, stalwart, committed, card-carrying, confirmed, dyed-in-the-wool,devoted, dedicated, firm, steadfast, unswerving, unwavering, unfaltering

If he doesn’t get hurt, we’ve got a shot in 2017 to make some noise in the NFC.  Carson Wentz is special …he is only going to get better if the stars align correctly.  Howie knew what he was doing when he traded up to get Wentz.

I love Wentz’ unashamed attitude on the backwoods hunting expeditions he espouses. It’s a good metaphor for a football team which is on the hunt for relevance again. The message implied or not is the Eagles are going to be extremely proactive on offense in 2017. No need to be coy, Roy… Wentz has sent a subliminal message that he’s ready to excel again like he did in 2016, only better— and he doesn’t care who comes out of the woodwork to deny him his shot.


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