HALFTIME RECAP WITH 17 HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors Dominate Utah Jazz, But Lead Cut To 60-47

HALFTIME RECAP WITH 17 HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors Dominate Utah Jazz, But Lead Cut To 60-47


HALFTIME RECAP WITH 17 HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors Dominate Utah Jazz, But Lead Cut To 60-47

ORACLE ARENA, OAKLAND, CA — Two nights after taking a 1-0 lead in the 2017 Western Conference Semifinals, the Golden State Warriors (1-0) hosted the Utah Jazz (0-1) again at home for Game 2.

The Warriors were without head coach Steve Kerr and Kevon Looney (left hip strain) again. Stephen Curry, who tweaked his ankle in Game 1, was ready to go.

The Jazz were without Alec Burks again (left knee), but he was joined on the inactive list by George Hill (left big toe sprain/soreness).

Q1: Hot Start

Golden State once again pounced on Utah out of the gate, as Kevin Durant hit a dribble-and-pop…

…then Rudy Gobert missed a dunk, blocked by the helping Draymond Green

…who then hit a triple from the right wing:

A sequence later, Klay Thompson got his layup blocked by Gobert, recovered his own miss, and found Green again, this time from the right wing, then Gobert lost the ball inside to Curry, who raced up-court to find Zaza Pachulia on the run, who dished to Thompson running the lane, for a reverse layup:

Gordon Hayward then pulled from beyond the arc, Gobert went over the back for a foul against Draymond, and Durant attacked and found Pachulia for a “hanging” lay-in, prompting Jazz head coach Quin Snyder called timeout as the Warriors jetted out to a 12-3 lead with 9:20 remaining:

Out of the timeout, though, Klay got a dribble-and-pop in the lane to trickle in, then after Joe Ingles mad a bad pass that Curry stole, Steph led the break, and lasered a no-look pass to the left arc where Thompson splashed:

Curry got into the action as well, hitting his first triple despite Ingles draped all over him…

…then after a couple of empty possession by both sides, Ingles finally hit a trey late in the shotclock, and Warriors head coach Mike Brown played the Gregg Popovich card by calling timeout, with still a 19-11 lead with 5:55 to play.

Out of the timeout, Durant got a rebound and kept the ball, coasting in for a layup down the right side, then later Andre Iguodala corralled another Jazz miss, outlet to “KD” once more, and he found a cutting JaVale McGee for a slam dunk:

Snyder called timeout again as the Warriors extended their lead to 23-11 with 4:08 to go.

The onslaught continued, though, as Iguodala missed a streaking layup down the right baseline, only to have McGee tap the miss in, Curry hit a stop-and-pop in the lane, and Green lit the torch once more, hitting two threes in a row, one from the top…

…and one from the left wing:

That gave the Warriors a dominating 33-13 lead with 1:03 left, but they got a little complacent, giving up a drive-and-dish by Raul Neto to Derrick Favors for a jam, and Iguodala threw away a turnover by Utah with a between-the-legs reverse bouncer that landed harmlessly by the Golden State bench in the backcourt.

Draymond took a heat-check and Steph did well to almost steal the rebound from Hayward and then Favors, and the quarter ended harmlessly as Iguodala knocked the ball out of Boris Diaw’s hands, the Warriors holding a 33-15 lead.

Q2: A Little Let-Up


… diaw 3 right 35-20
Exum scoop 35-22
Ic 3 top shot buzz 38-22****

Ian Clark shotclock beater:

Fts 38-23 ½
Ai 40-23
? 40-25
Klay right short dw, dg upfake to klay cut reverse 42-25 7:17***
Hood to df 2hd 42-27
Sdot 44-27 6:36

Shaun slam

… steph top 3 47-27 6:15

Steph 3 vs Ingles

Miss kd take ji, timeout 47-27 5:57
… 49-31
Rudy down lane 2hd uncon mb timeout 49-33 4:01*****

… rudy dunk 49-35 3:34
Tov mack, mack to gh jump catch 49-37 3:14
Ai top 3 short, gh 49-39 2:40
Dg to kd left blk post and one bank 51-39*** 2:26 51-40 timeout quin

KD and one

Kd miss 51-40
…, … jj left 3, dg top 3 54-40**** 1:53

Draymond another 3

? draw steph penalty 54-40 mack 54-40 1:42 0/2
Kd to ai 2hd*** 56-40 1:28

KD to AI smash

Exum charge steph*** 1:12, draw 58-42 gh 1:00
Ai inside 60-42
Mack 60-45 3
Steph right 3 2for1, exum runner over klay 60-47 20
Dg left 3

draymond wired

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