How Many Sacks Can We Expect from Taco Charlton in 2017?

How Many Sacks Can We Expect from Taco Charlton in 2017?


How Many Sacks Can We Expect from Taco Charlton in 2017?

The Dallas Cowboys have been looking for sacks ever since DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher left the team, and after two playoff losses to the Green Bay Packers, they have decided to invest heavily on the defensive side of the ball.

Some of these additions were needed due to attrition, but also for improving the defense overall for the long term.

Taco Charlton has the opportunity to become a franchise cornerstone player.

If you’re a defensive end, the name of the game is sacks. So, how many sacks can we realistically expect from a rookie defensive end?

— Let’s look at what rookie defensive ends have done here in Dallas:

2014 Demarcus Lawrence, DE, Boise State 7 games – 0 sacks

2007 Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue – 6 games – 3 sacks

2005 Demarcus Ware, DE, Troy 16 games – 8 sacks

1999 Ebenezer Ekuban, DE, North Carolina – 2 games – 2.5 sacks

1998 Greg Ellis, DE, North Carolina – 16 gmaes – 3 sacks 

1996 Kavika Pittman, DE, McNeese State 0 games – 0 sacks

1994 Shante Carver, DE, Arizona State  0 games – 0 sacks

1983 Jim Jeffcoat, DE, Arizona State –  2 sacks

That equates to 2.3 sacks on average between all these players. So, realistically the starting point is probably around 2 sacks on the low side, but with questionable offensive lines inside the division, his numbers should reflect more sacks at the end of the year.

We’re probably looking at 2 on the low side, and maybe 6 or so on the high side.

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Go Cowboys!

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