Is It Possible To Win April?

Is It Possible To Win April?

Justice is Coming

Is It Possible To Win April?

I wrote at length last week about noticing how many Boltheads got off the bus after the move.  But it seemed like the draft brought a lot of people who may have been staying silent out of hiding.  I’m not suggesting that they had even decided how they felt about the Chargers.  But as this was the first official event of the Inglewood Up To No Good Chargers (I can’t write LA just yet), it appeared that there was definite interest leading up to Thursday night.  Even Marty Caswell, who I mentioned last week, had to go to Disneyland to check it out.  If you didn’t see the interview linked above, check it out.  She saved the best part for last.  The fan who referred to himself as “Judas,” pointed out that Dean has done more in a few months for season ticket holders than he did for years in San Diego.  That sadly says an awful lot about him.  But the fan in question also admitted he wasn’t above accepting free stuff.

As for the draft itself, #BoltFam seemed to universally want a safety with the #7 pick.  Adams went at #6 and that was apparently everyone’s top choice.  Malik Hooker must be the obvious pick then.  But for the second straight year Telesco goes with the player he CLAIMS we wanted all along.  Right before Williams was picked, it came out that the Chargers had a secret workout with him.  We can’t fucking disguise that awful draw play we’ve been trying since Sproles ran it for a late touchdown at Oakland in 2009, but he can hold secret workouts?  The Chargers were also able to somehow hide Tom Telesco’s contract extension at the end of the 2015 season as well, come to think of it.

Even I found myself pissed at the pick even though I really had no preference.  I have no doubt that Addae will injure himself by midseason and can’t understand why he got a new deal.  But last year Rivers had to play without a #1 receiver all year.  Williams did a great job and all, but he’s not a true go to guy.  Allen can’t be depended on to stay healthy, although it would be great if he could get into the second half of the opener this year.

So maybe this wasn’t such a bad pick after all, everybody starts thinking.  The analysts start talking about how Rivers hasn’t had a guy who can go up an get the ball since Floyd and Jackson in the aforementioned 2009 season.  Allen was able to earn Rivers’ trust of course.  There were definitely times where Phil could throw the ball to a spot and know that he’d be there to grab it.  However, he’s not reliable in the health department.

But Malik Hooker fell for a while after we passed on him.  Every year there’s some can’t miss defender, right?  Last year it was Ramsey.  When Lamp fell to us in Round 2, it seemed like the Williams pick was seen in a whole new light.  I know I wasn’t the only one to send the Brick Tamland photo, but I was surprised the team itself sent one out.  Is it possible they are elevating their social media game as well for LA?  I was also appreciative that Lamp himself approved.

Dan Feeney seemed like another steal.  It’s no secret that our line sucked last year.  The fact that they were the biggest in the NFL is even more pathetic.  Given the Chargers’ history, I don’t expect 4th and 5th rounders to be good and/or healthy.  But Jenkins and King seem to be legit.  I expect Addae to hurt himself again (which is why I wonder about Telesco’s decision to extend him) and Lowry to be pedestrian.  We also can’t expect “Feeva” to stay on the field or Heyward to even approach last season’s performance, can we?

Ok, I need to be a little less pessimistic.  The Chargers have actually done almost everything right since the move.  Actually, they fired McCoy before but I have no doubt they knew they were leaving San Diego.  I hate that so many former Charger fans hate how much effort Deano is putting in to win over fans as opposed to trying to keep the old ones.  I get why those people will root like hell for the worst possible things to happen to the Bolts.  Sadly, they hoped all these years for the best and look where that got them?

All these years, San Diegans told me that the city was cursed.  I guess we’re about to find out if that was true since there will be many hoping the Chargers fail.  But if they start winning, I think a lot of the chatter about the move will die down.  I know it never will for San Diegans, but me having some weird form of survivors’ guilt won’t help.  It seems like everywhere you look, the Chargers are being hailed as one of the draft’s big winners.  Telesco apparently wanted to trade up for Lamp.  When he couldn’t he just had to wait.

I hope Telesco lets this kid Koo actually compete for the starting job at kicker.  Laughing Lambo is a choker and no one knows better than Chargers fans that you can’t change that.

That track is by what’s left of the Black Crowes, by the way.  I hope you enjoy it.  I’m hoping to get some new voices here within the Halls of Justice.  As the Boss sings, all the old faces ask you why you’re back.  But I don’t know if readers get the Springsteen reference or even care.  It’s your site too.  But I have to hear what you think.  Talk to you soon.



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