The Rangers are trending way down

The Rangers are trending way down

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The Rangers are trending way down

In the Rangers’ series with the Ottawa Senators, they seemed to have seized upon some serious momentum when the series returned to Madison Square Garden, dominating the two games in Manhattan and looking like they would be able to carry those good vibes back to Canada. Unfortunately, there is a new administration and it’s much tougher to take anything that makes you feel good across international borders.

The Rangers was competitive in Ottawa, but really leaned hard on the Senators when they arrived in New York. The Rangers won both games at MSG by a 4-1 score, and seemed to have seized hold of this series by the throat. But then, switch was flipped and there was sewage leaking into Penn Station. It was a metaphor, as it appeared that the Rangers were sitting on a big ol’ pile of crap.

The only difference was that the Rangers unloaded it in Ottawa, rather than unsuspecting commuters, though in both cases, it was New Yorkers who were upset by the turn of events. It wasn’t quite obvious what was happening, as the Rangers took a lead deep into the game, 58 minutes, in fact.  Ther were cracks showing, however. Henrik Lundqvist Started losing his mind, and his teammates were feeling the pressure.

They knew that a shaken Lundqvist is not good for the team. Nope, not good at all.


Uh oh.

Oh no.

That’s pretty gutting. The momentum has completely turned, in a harsh, rapid and demoralizing manner. In so many ways, if the Rangers want to continue their season, they need to get their shit together.

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