Right Tackle Torch Passed to La'el Collins

Right Tackle Torch Passed to La'el Collins


Right Tackle Torch Passed to La'el Collins

Looks like the Cowboys have been planning a move which will send La’el Collins to right tackle, which will leave the left guard position open for a battle royale.

This move also indicates the Cowboys have likely moved on from Chaz Green. Something else may be going on behind the scenes we are not privy to. Could the Cowboys be sick and tired of Green’s perpetual injuries or is work ethic a question?

The Cowboys don’t have to worry about this by moving Collins to RT and this may be the best move for the offensive line. Collins came into the league with a chip on his should and he’s excited for the move to RT.

“Oh, man, it’s awesome actually,” Collins said during the team’s 13th annual Taste of the NFL to tackle childhood hunger. “I actually forgot how good it felt to be out on the edge, to kind of be out there on an island. Right now we’re not doing too much, just kind of working plays against the air. That’s about it. But it feels good.” (Star-Telegram, C. Williams)

Here’s Collins at tackle mauling the hell out of #1 overall pick Myles Garrett

Collins was a tackle at LSU, and moved inside when the Cowboys signed him. Moving back to the outside could turn him into a Pro-Bowler.

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Go Cowboys!

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