EYE don't print fake Eagles news...

EYE don't print fake Eagles news...


EYE don't print fake Eagles news...

You get these droughts in real Eagles news or meaningful topics of discussion sometimes. I feel bad about taking two days off of coverage— but I will not stoop to the level of the career Eagles reporters who are just basically scrambling to stoke up any kind of angle they can.

I get it— a newspaper or a network is paying you decent money to come up with impact content every day…but when there is nothing to report, you are screwed— you gotta make stuff up  in one way or another.

Thus we have been getting a lot of “rumours” about the Eagles trading Jason Kelce to the Saints for Mark Ingram… or trade scenarios involving Eagles WR Jordan Matthews… or Brandon Graham holding out for a bigger contract, which he himself denies… if I had a Valium pill to reach for I would ingest it.

This is the media version of Philly writers jousting for position on the lifeboats of the Titanic.

The thing that bugs me the most in all of this is the Eagles organization has been so secretive about revealing the list of young players they have invited to Rookie Minicamp, which starts today.

Why the big mystery?

I could have scraped off an easy column here by simply listing the rookie roster and all the free agent tryout guys…  but NOOOoooo! We’re not allowed to know the invite list until later today.

One of the interesting factors in this secret mystery is there will be no veterans or Practice Squad guys invited to this rookie minicamp.  I find that odd.

I think one of the real problems in media coverage of the Eagles right now is there is absolutely no contribution of diversion by the 76ers or the Flyers.  If either one of these fellow teams were in playoff contention right now, we would easily take a vacation from 24-7 scrutiny of the Eagles.

Hey, things will get interesting for the Eagles soon enough— but right now, it’s just a formulaic get-through-the-scheduled-events kinda thang…

So stay tuned— but tend to your real-life issues first and foremost. Right now, the Eagles story is a back-burner. In a way, that’s a good thing—no crazy franchise-bending stuff to report.


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