Livest Dog at UFC 211: Demian Maia

Livest Dog at UFC 211: Demian Maia


Livest Dog at UFC 211: Demian Maia

Name: Demian Maia

Opponent: Jorge Masvidal

Odds: +113 (bet $100 to win $113)

A lot of times I really understand the hype behind the favorites in fights. The reasoning is usually understandable, even if not sound. They have a more impressive recent win; they’ve been doing lots of media; they are a legend of the sport.

In this fight this weekend, I am stumped as to why Demian Maia would be an underdog to Jorge Masvidal. Maia is on a way more impressive of a streak, especially considering he just systematically dismantled a former champion in Carlos Condit. He’s been in the media twice as much as his opponent, and most of it has been back and forth with champion Tyron Woodley. Plus, he is as close to a modern legend as the sport has while not yet winning a title. All signs would point to him being a clear favorite, yet you can still get more than double your money for laying down on Demian.

BONUS: Masvidal has not been subbed much in his career, but that doesn’t seem to be a deterrent for Maia recently. If you like him to get the submission victory, you can get him at +256 currently.


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