Reggie Wayne: Big Cardinals Fan

Reggie Wayne: Big Cardinals Fan


Reggie Wayne: Big Cardinals Fan

There are two things in life that Cardinals fans want:

1) A Cardinals win.

2) An ice cold beer.

Reggie Wayne appears to be a true Cardinals fan.

And our dude was down in Miami last night to support the Birds get their second straight series sweep:

Thankfully the Cardinals were able to focus and power through for the comeback win, even though a lady behind home plate was flashing the pitchers. That link is NSFW, BTW.

Mr. Wayne, the former Indianapolis Colts receiving great joins a long and storied list of famous people that have shown love to the Cardinals:

You know what… we’ll just stop the list there.

Point is – Reggie Wayne is one of the most underrated receivers in NFL history and should obviously be in the Hall of Fame.

Photo: Colts

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