It's Your Show Now, Addison

It's Your Show Now, Addison


It's Your Show Now, Addison

With the diagnosis of an arterial clot, closer Jeurys Familia is most likely out for a while. The consternation for Familia is obvious, and he’s in for some stressful times.

On the baseball side of things, there is stress for the season. Luckily, Addison Reed can step right in and close. Unluckily, Reed has already given up four home runs this season after giving up four home runs all of last season. The season is now in his capable yet inconsistent right hand. His dream of being a super-reliever now gone, he’ll just have to settle for being super in the ninth inning. Nobody can expect him to be lights out, but even if that’s the case, Reed’s health now elevates to the utmost importance. The Mets are one injury away from placing a phone call to Jonathan Papelbon. So get the bubble wrap ready for Reed’s arm … and the rest of his body too.

But in all seriousness, the Mets can’t afford to fool around anymore. With Familia gone and everybody else moving up a spot, the Mets can’t fool around here. Somebody who can be trusted and who can pitch 3-4 innings in a row has to be in that bullpen. If Sean Gilmartin, Paul Sewald, or Rafael Montero can’t be trusted with that role, then go splurge on a big ticket middle reliever who is somehow still a free agent. Anybody. Even if it’s somebody you don’t actually trust, the pitchers you do trust can’t die.

Darren Oliver and Elmer Dessens are both available. (And are somehow close to being the same age.) Joe Gunkel is in DFA limbo. Jon Niese is a free ag…

Anyone have Gunkel’s number?

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