Sox Bullpen Falters in Mother's Day Loss to Rays

Sox Bullpen Falters in Mother's Day Loss to Rays

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Sox Bullpen Falters in Mother's Day Loss to Rays

The Red Sox came into the game on Sunday hoping for a win to take the series with the Rays.   The Sox had Drew Pomeranz on the mound vs. Matt Andriese for the Rays.   Pomeranz went 3 innings before having to leave with a tricep injury.   The Sox are hopeful it is not a long injury, but it still meant they needed to piece together the rest of the outing out of the bullpen.   The Sox kept the game close until the top of the 9th when everything fell apart for the Sox.  The Sox bullpen gave up 7 runs in the 9th and made the victory a foregone conclusion for the Rays.

The Rays got on the board quickly when they scored a single run against Pomeranz in the 1st.  Pomeranz gave up an RBI sac fly to Longoria.  Sox 0-1.  The Sox tied up the game in the bottom of the 1st when Xander Bogaerts hit an RBI double to score Betts.  Sox 1-1.  The Rays hit right back though and took the lead in the top of the 2nd.  Pomeranz gave up an RBI sac flu to Sucre.  Sox 1-2.  Pomeranz was done after 3 innings and was in line for the loss.

Ben Taylor came out and pitched the 4th and 5th innings for the Sox.  The Rays added another run in the top of the 4th when Taylor gave up an RBI single to Sucre.   Sox 1-3.  The Sox got that run right back in the bottom of the 5th when Pedroia hit an RBI single to score Marrero.  Sox 2-3.  Fernando Abad came out of the pen and pitched both the 6th and 7th innings of the game.   The Rays got a run off of him in the top of the 7th when Longoria hit an RBI single.  Sox 2-4.

Robbie Ross Jr. came out and pitched a scoreless 8th inning.   Ross would end up going back out for the 9th and that is when everything started falling apart for the Sox.  Ross gave up an RBI single to Weeks to have the Rays up 5-2.  Ross was out and Heath Hembree was into the game.   Things went from bad to worse as Hembree allowed six runs to score before finally getting the 3rd out and ending the inning.  Hembree gave up RBI singles to Beckham, Kiermaier and Sucre before giving up a 3 run homer to Souza Jr.  Sox 2-11.  It was a brutal, brutal inning to watch.   The Sox bats didn’t have any kind of rally, especially now that they were losing by 9 runs.  The Rays won the game and won the series.  The Sox are now only one game over 500.

Red Sox 2  Rays 11 BOXSCORE

WP: Andriese (3-1)  LP: Pomeranz (3-3)

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