Why Is That White Flag Yellow?

Why Is That White Flag Yellow?


Why Is That White Flag Yellow?

It’s easy to say that the Mets have hit rock bottom this season. Though I’m beginning to think that rock bottom would trigger a Met’s acrophobia at this point.

Here’s the thing about Sunday’s embarrassment: The Mets had a 7-1 lead through five innings with Jacob deGrom on the mound. They gave up ten runs in the last three innings, and the death blow came on a three run home run by a guy named Manny Pina. Those are just the mere highlights. But here’s the thing about this game, which was the culmination of a Brewers sweep with put the Mets at 16-20 for the season …

The Brewers gave up.

In the fifth inning after Wily Peralta was lifted with one out in the fifth, the Brewers put in a young man named Jhan Marinez. Marinez entered the game with an ERA of 5.79. He allowed two inherited runners to score to make the score 7-1. He finished the fifth and pitched the sixth. Then in the bottom of the sixth with the score still 7-1 and a runner on base, the Brewers let Marinez hit for himself. The team that is third in baseball in OPS … gave up. They gave the Mets a gift.

The Mets, in gratitude, whilpped them out and peed on it. Then peed on their white flag, then peed on the Bob Uecker statues.


They Mets lost a game where the Brewers said “Y’know what? This one’s yours. Enjoy it.” This team has basically become a cross between a cancelled sitcom and a medical drama. (They could take NBC’s 9:30-11:00 time slot with no effort whatsoever.) Next on Chicago No Hope, Asdrubal Cabrera reveals he indeed has a tear in his thumb ligament after the Mets MRI machines detected nothing but pictures of clowns when they looked at his hands. Awesome.

So the Mets lost a game where the Brewers gave up, and they’re going to lose their shortstop because they can’t read an MRI. This team never ceases to amaze.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Manny Pina
  2. Jhan Marinez
  3. Travis Shaw
  4. Jonathan Villar
  5. Zack Greinke

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