Days of Y'Orr Corrects Headlines: Volume 1

Days of Y'Orr Corrects Headlines: Volume 1


Days of Y'Orr Corrects Headlines: Volume 1

While the playoff battle rages on, the Bruins have long been done. This makes the staff here at Days of Y’Orr a bit bored. We’ll be trying new things over the summer and going into next season. Here’s our first crack at one of these.

You know how sometimes you see the headline for an article and it’s just so stupid you wish you could correct it? We got your back guys and gals. Here’s our first episode of Days of Y’Orr Corrects Headlines!

We won’t post a link to the site, because fuck them. If this was most other players, this would be a great story. We’d pat the guy on the back and give him our best smile and maybe take it easy on him in our first recap of his team next year. But not this guy.

First, STOP USING THE WORD CLASS SO MUCH. There is no word in the hockey lexicon worse than class/classy.

Second, how in the world is a rapist a class act? I don’t care how many good deeds this guys does, he’s a human pile of garbage underneath.

What would this headline say if the writer was being honest or wasn’t a complete shit bag?


Ahhhh. Much better. Fuck you, Patrick Kane.

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