Videos of the Day: KO gets the KO over the Wizards

Videos of the Day: KO gets the KO over the Wizards

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Videos of the Day: KO gets the KO over the Wizards

Raise your hand if you had Kelly Olynyk as your game seven hero. I’m waiting….don’t feel bad-nobody did. Never the less, KO dropped a career high 26 points to propel Boston to a 115-105 knockout of the Washington Wizards last night. Let’s get right to the vids.

First up is KO. Olynyk completely made up for his (and the rest of the bench’s) game six debacle. He matched John Havlicek’s 26 points as the highest point total from a reserve in Celts’ game seven history. Kelly also grabbed 5 rebounds & had 4 assists. Isaiah Thomas had his second best game of the series, leading Boston with 29 points & 12 assists. Marcus Smart did everything needed last night-he defended, scored and wrecked havoc. Smart tallied 13 points, 6 rebounds, 4 dimes & 2 blocks. Guy’s like a Swiss army knife-always has what you need. Back to the starters now-Al Horford. I mean, how good has he been? Folks can hate on him all they want (I still just don’t get it) but without Al we don’t win this series. Horford capped off his great performance in the semis with a 15 point, 6 board & 4 assist night.

Scroll down to see more clips from G7, including Jaylen Brown with the play of the night & some postgame pressers.

G1 of the Eastern Conference Finals tips-off at 8:30pm tomorrow night in Boston. But first, the Celts will hope Lady Luck is on their side as the NBA Draft Lottery is held tonight in NYC. You can watch it live on TNT at 8:30pm EST.

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