What a day to be a Penguins fan

What a day to be a Penguins fan


What a day to be a Penguins fan

Pens got a big win last night. Phil Kessel shoved a proverbial hot dog down his hater(s) throat. And now we have, quite possibly, the best news of the day…

At the end of the season, Steiggy is out as the play-by-play broadcaster for the Penguins and Steve Mears is in.


#RIP to the voice cracks:

#RIP to the over-the-top awkwardness:

#RIP to awful goal calls:

#RIP to blown goal calls:

#RIP to comments that make no sense:

#RIP to dumbing down the game for everyone watching:

#RIP to just…peak Steiggy:



We may lowkey miss all of this at some point, but probably not. His replacement, Steve Mears, is all class and probably has never ejaculated all over himself after a Penguins goal, so we can definitively say that it’s a step in the right direction for anyone who has ever A.) downloaded an IP blocker so they can watch the opponent’s feed on their NHL app or B.) turned down the television so they can listen to Mike Lange’s call on the radio side — even with the delay.

Okay so seriously, it’s the end of the post, so it’s time we give some respect to a guy who spent so much time with this organization. Most of us grew up listening to Steigerwald and Mike Lange, and he was right there for all of the memorable calls. Steigerwald will finish things out this season, and hopefully the Pens send him off with a Cup call. Just seems right. Happy trails to Steiggy, we might not miss you that much, but still. Respect where respect is due.

We’ll always remember that one time we really, really liked you…

And that other time…

Happy trails.

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