Josh Rosen reminds former scout of Eli Manning

Josh Rosen reminds former scout of Eli Manning

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Josh Rosen reminds former scout of Eli Manning

The scouting community was so unimpressed with this year’s quarterback draft class that it seemingly can’t wait to get started on what looks to be a better crop next season. analyst Daniel Jeremiah, a former scout, already is comparing UCLA’s Josh Rosen to Eli Manning.

“He’s got a firm base. You see him climb up in the pocket, and he is smooth and easy. You talk about a natural throwing motion, he’s outstanding, and he’s aware,” Jeremiah said. “I thought he got a little bit greedy at times when he could have taken some (completions) underneath, but he does a nice job of keeping his eyes up under pressure. He needs to do a better job of giving up on a play. He takes some unnecessary sacks because of that.”

Manning is listed as 6’4″, 218 pounds on Pro Football Reference while Rosen is listed as 6’4″, 210 in the college football section of Sports Reference. That’s a little light for a 6’4″ football player, so Rosen probably will be closer to Manning’s listed weight by the time he gets to the NFL.

Rosen completed 60 percent of his passes with 23 touchdowns and 11 interceptions as a freshman in 2015. He was limited to six games last season because of a shoulder injury and threw 10 touchdown passes with five interceptions.

If Rosen can stay healthy next season, he has a shot at being the first pick in the draft, just like Manning.

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