Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience


Know Your Audience

There was an ESPN article that hit yesterday about the lack of communication within the Mets organization that manifested itself in part as Mets’ injury woes which in some cases go beyond the freak, random nature of injuries. If you’ve been under a rock and haven’t read this, you should give it a read. It’s nothing that longtime followers of this team (and this blog, to some extent) don’t already know.

So when everybody saw this, they freaked out a little extra:

Never mind the article. When Sandy Alderson is put on television, it’s never a good sign. And even though Terry Collins’ media session being put on television was decided the day before, SNY should do well to remember that they are Ivan Pavlov, and we are his dog. They put Sandy Alderson on television at 3:45, we freak out. It’s a conditioned response. Is something being done with Mike Barwis? Ray Ramirez? Doug Ross?

The answer, was nothing. Nobody resigned, was fired, put on the disabled list, called up, or strung up by his male parts and used as a piñata over a telephone line on Northern Boulevard. It was simply a regularly scheduled news conference that SNY decided to put on TV, call it an alert, and scare the living hell out of all of us. It was television’s version of click bait. Instead of one click, it cost me the time I would have taken enjoying a summer-like day. I should have known better.

The good news, besides nobody else being put on the disabled list, was that a Met starting pitcher finally got an out in the seventh inning for the first time in weeks. But it wasn’t without some harrowing moments as in that seventh inning, not only did Jacob deGrom load the bases with nobody out in a 2-0 game, but he also tried to chew off his own finger like he was James Franco in 127 Hours.

The funny part was that he obviously had trouble with his finger, and the players came out to the mound to see what was wrong, but the Prevention and Recovery team in the dugout waited three pitches to finally send out Terry Collins and paid scapegoat Ray Ramirez to see what was happening. And you thought there was no chaos when it comes to handling injuries on the Mets. Thankfully, deGrom got through what he called a ripped callus and got out of the bases loaded nobody out jam, which the Mets badly needed to win the game and to keep their spirits from plummeting through the floor.

The last two innings, incredibly enough, were drama free on a calendar day which was filled with unnecessary drama. The Mets defeated the Angels 3-0, ended a seven game losing streak, gave us another home run by Michael Conforto, and to the best of my knowledge nobody was fired at 12:16 AM local time. It seems to have been a good day. But wait: Here’s an alert from SNY: At 2:30 AM, they will have special coverage of “Worry Free Living“. Live your life stress free with OMAR three.

(We had enough issues with OMAR one.)

Today’s Hate List

  1. Jeff Mathis
  2. Casey Kotchman
  3. Torii Hunter
  4. John Lackey
  5. Scot Shields

P.S. Play our drinking game this weekend: Take a shot for every base Mike Trout takes this weekend. And a chaser for a home run. Try not to die. Cheers

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