Ryan Switzer Stacking Good Practices

Ryan Switzer Stacking Good Practices


Ryan Switzer Stacking Good Practices

This week’s round of OTAs are wrapping up, and one name that keeps popping off the page is Ryan Switzer. Sometimes all you need is an opening of the door and you bust right in.

With Cole Beasley and Lucky Whitehead nursing injuries, Switzer has been able to stack more and more good practices together. He is getting valuable snaps and taking full advantage of the additional time on the field.

I like these reports — very much!

I love this quote from Bryan Broaddus from the mothership. Be sure to check out the whole article over there. Great stuff as usual. He wrote:

With no Cole Beasley (sore hamstrings) and Lucky Whitehead coming off the field early in the practice, that left Ryan Switzer as the primary slot receiver. Switzer made the play of the day on a throw from Dak Prescott during a team period. Switzer, lined up in the slot, broke hard to the inside then out against zone coverage. Orlando Scandrick passed him off to Jeff Heath, who was late to break in coverage toward the sideline. Prescott threw the ball behind Switzer, who had to adjust to catch the ball one-handed with the left side of his body instead of with both hands out front. Switzer was also able to get both feet in bounds before tumbling off the field (DC.com, Broaddus)

Not bad for this phase of OTAs, but I am really looking forward once the pads and hitting start happening.

For a video version of this news, plus more OTA discussion, click play on my YouTube channel below.

Go Cowboys!


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