Point/Counterpoint: What Song Should Replace “Buttercup?”

Point/Counterpoint: What Song Should Replace “Buttercup?”


Point/Counterpoint: What Song Should Replace “Buttercup?”

Point/Counterpoint: What Song Should Replace “Buttercup?”

By Glen Mckee and Nate Trop, Angelswin.com Senior Pontificators

It is June, the Angels are in second place, Mike Trout and just about every pitcher in the entire organization is hurt (Glen: I had to check the standings after this because I didn’t believe we’re still in second place.  Not that it matters, but wow.).  The team is in a death spiral and there isn’t much to debate right now, because who cares?  That said, the one thing people do seem to care about, and care about a lot, is the Angels playing “Buttercup” in the middle of the seventh inning.  It’s been going on for a while now and as long as they’ve been playing it, people have been bitching about it.  However, the Angels have recently changed it up and started experimenting with other songs (as Hedley [that’s Hedley, not Heddy! {holy cow, I used brackets there and I’m using braces now!}] Lamar would say, “kinky!”).  Where were we?  Yes, with that in mind it’s time for us to give our suggestions for the new Buttercup.


Glen.  The first song that comes to mind for me is somewhat obscure because I’m a snob like that  Look at me with my songs not many people know!  Anyhoo, my obvious choice that nobody would choose:

The Angels are most certainly dancin’ in the ruins of this season.

And then I go to hair metal and think about the team without Mike Trout, and this immediately comes to mind:

Just change the chorus a bit: Without Trout/On the field/This team slowly starts to yield/But with him in the game we’re slightly less lame.


Finally, let’s get serious here for a minute.  No, really.  If you care much at all about “Buttercup” then you’re kind of a jerk, and even more of a snob than I am as demonstrated above.  You’re such a baseball “purist” that you hate anything that helps casual fans enjoy the game a bit more.  Put plainly, you suck.  With that in mind, there’s a perfect song that will both get the crowd happy and quite possibly annoy you even more than “Buttercup” and that song is…

Choose life, and fun, bitches!  


Nate.  With the way this season has gone, maybe the best way to really replace “Buttercup” is with multiple songs depending on how the game has gone so far.  Kind of like a choose your own adventure experience.


First up, if an Angels player has been injured in the game, there is no better song than “Another One Bites The Dust” and while it is playing they can play a highlight reel of all the players that have gone down in the game.  “How do you think I am going to get along without you, when you’re gone” while images of all the players lost to the DL flash on the screen.



If by some miracle the Angels have not suffered an injury then what better song than the uplifting anthem “Good Feeling.”  The fans and players can all celebrate at the same time, no injuries, “Woke up on the side of the bed like I won.”  Because let’s be honest for a minute, the biggest win for the Angels at this point is getting through the game without losing a player to the DL.


The best option though is “Bro Hymn,” the Ducks across the street already use it when they score a goal so it would be an act of solidarity and not only is it a song that can really pump you up, it can easily fit in with the Angels season so far.  “While you were here the fun was never ending, That play you made was only the beginning, Trout, Richards, Maybin, this one is for you!”


Come to think of it, “Buttercup” was pretty appropriate.  If they start playing Wham!, I am out, seriously, F$#* you, Glen for making me listen to that.

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