Karl-Anthony Towns visited France, and My Guy was all over it!

Karl-Anthony Towns visited France, and My Guy was all over it!


Karl-Anthony Towns visited France, and My Guy was all over it!

I was on Twitter this morning, scrolling away as always.

A lot happened today. First, and foremost, a birthday tribute from Jen to the Skipper:

Here’s my personal tribute:

I was on Twitter for quite a while. I wanted to return to the home screen, anxious to click on it, until my man from France tweeted this:

Wait, hold on a second. You’re telling me that my man—from France!—saw Karl-Anthony Towns twice??

Don’t tell me I’m wrong, TWolves France! Don’t tell me you’ve seen him not once, not twice, not thrice, etc.

Don’t make me feel this way anymore:

AH! The jealousy…

Once again, I wanted to return to my home screen but again, my man from France appeared on my feed.

With this guy:

MAN! My man from France…you are on fire today!

Seriously though, Félicitations.

I’m not saying that because you posed with Towns, nor am I saying that because you tweeted out a personal message from Towns.

I’m saying that because you and your station do great work covering the Finals and hosting Mr Towns:

You might be thinking, “Well, how could I tell?” I mean, I can’t see the broadcast because I do not live in France.

(For those who can, check it out)

So how could I tell? Am I sucking up to you? haha.


I could tell because Mr. Towns seems to have enjoyed his stay, posing here in front of the cameras:

Here, Towns is taking in a tennis match:

And looking at your profile, TWolves France, Mr. Towns seems to have enjoyed the studio visit.

So what does this all mean? You guys—you, your station, your city and your country—welcomed Karl-Anthony Towns with open arms:

I’m sure Mr. Towns felt the warm reception wherever he goes, and to that I only have this to say: Félicitations (once again!).

Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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