Hey @Saints: Implement this and win!

Hey @Saints: Implement this and win!


Hey @Saints: Implement this and win!

I wrote something similar a real long time ago, but I hope the Saints are now reading this blog (to any Saints employee, get Sean Payton to notice this!). The 3 RBs we have now are ideal to implement this kind of play.

Setup: QB, 6 Offensive Linemen, 1 TE and 3 RBs. Yes that is right! 0 WRs! Zero!

Figure this; what team ever prepares for a setup like this. And even if they do, it is so rare that if they get 5 LBs on the field they have no idea how to work together. In this setup you can run it All Day, yes, pun intended. But there are more ways to play this. I will name a few:

The obvious: Run it behind your 6th OL.
Saints have really good run blockers right now. So run it behind the 6th big guy. Holes open up and you have 2 RBs to go lead block. Maybe replace 1 RB with a FB for this one. Let your ball carrier pick a hole and punch it!

The obvious: with a flip
Do the same as above but have Kamara trail. Fake him blocking then let Peterson hand it off to Kamara who speeds the other way where there is nobody left and you get a TD.

The audible: Put your RBs in the slot.
Have your pass-catch capable RBs assume WR positions. Have them line up in the slot, put your TE wide and then just throw it. This is actually the designed play. The defense is confused, and has the wrong personnel. Snap it quickly or hand it off to the 3rd RB still in the backfield. Heck you might even go empty backfield for optimal confusion.

The Screen
The Saints are an awesome screen team. Instead of handing off the ball just backpaddle while 3 RBS are headed to the side and give it to Kamara whit 2 extra blockers in front of him the only reason he does not score a TD is him running into his own guy.

The dumpoff:
Depending on how all turns out you can always just throw it to your TE who instead of blocking is just sitting 1 yard behind first down waiting to get the ball/running a slant. Or, just or fun put in a 6th OL with really good hands, run it towards the TE side and give it to the OL for a TD.

My point is, there are a million play variations when you put in 0 WRs because of the RBs we have on the roster. Just confuse the hell out of the opponent. Catch him with his pants down having 2 safeties and 2 CBs on the field. … Does any team actually have any defensive snap in the last 10 years without 2 CBs on the field? These guys would have no idea what to do. That is a personnel advantage right there. And then the safeties will screw up because they are counting on the CBs doing their job. I would even say we hire Kaepernick to run the ball instead of giving it to a RB just for this play. But that might be pushing it haha!

Sean, just do it! Revolutionize the game!

PS the image is from the band Revolution Saints; which I only found after I wrote this. Their first number listed in spotify is “Dream on”.

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