Hey Timberwolves fans, you still mad at Kevin Love?

Hey Timberwolves fans, you still mad at Kevin Love?


Hey Timberwolves fans, you still mad at Kevin Love?

Here’s how Kevin Love played against the Warriors on Wednesday:

That’s debatable, right Timberwolves fans?  Maybe he played like that. Maybe he didn’t.

Here’s how Kevin Love actually played on Wednesday. I think:


9 pts (W.T.F??), 13 Reb (decent), 1 Ast (uh… that’s not Mr. Love) …

… Etc, etc.

Okay, but you get it right? If you don’t, here’s what I’m saying: Kevin Love was not playing like the Kevin Love that we’re used to seeing as a Timberpup.

The NBA fans on Twitter are hating on Mr. Love:


And the media’s on it too:

The best parts (I thought) were fans, and media members alike, speculating on where Mr. Love would go:


The hate against Love is real, Timberwolves fans.

And if you thought this was bad, you should have seen the hate against Mr. Love after Wednesday’s game.

It was brutal. Absolutely brutal.

So I have a simple question for you Timberwolves fans: do you still hate Kevin Love?

Do you still hate him after he demanded a trade to a contender (ehem, according to Mr. Taylor)?

Do you still hate him after seeing him return to Minnesota in a different uniform:

Me? I never hated Kevin Love. Kevin Love was the reason I became a Timberwolves fan.

So whenever I think of Kevin Love, I have nothing but nostalgia for his time as a Timberpup.

But let’s say, Kevin Love does get traded—and he returns to the Timberwolves!—would you react this way:

(I would!)

Or would you react this way:

(I wouldn’t.)

Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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