FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: NBA Finals Game 3 - Durant Attacks The Moment, Warriors (3-0) Steal 118-113 Win From Cleveland Cavaliers

(Photo: @mbodmer on Instagram)

FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: NBA Finals Game 3 - Durant Attacks The Moment, Warriors (3-0) Steal 118-113 Win From Cleveland Cavaliers


FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: NBA Finals Game 3 - Durant Attacks The Moment, Warriors (3-0) Steal 118-113 Win From Cleveland Cavaliers

QUICKEN LOANS ARENA, CLEVELAND, OH — This is a continuation of the halftime recap of the Golden State Warriors at the Cleveland Cavaliers, Game 3 of the 2017 NBA Finals.

The Warriors took a 67-61 lead into halftime.



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93-82 two looks





Q3: Succumbing To Rim Trickles

Draymond Green got an easy dunk after Klay Thompson got a defensive rebound on the opening possession and outlet to Stephen Curry, but Kyrie Irving hit another gear and got a layup.

Then J.R. Smith hit a three over Curry, Green came back with an airball from the left arc, and Kevin Durant got a dunk down the lane, but it was waved off as Zaza Pachulia had held Kevin Love’s jersey on the help. That was Pachulia’s fourth foul.

A lob inside to LeBron James was met with a whistle for a grab by Draymond, his fourth personal, and Irving turned the corner and got a layup past Zaza, prompting Warriors head coach Steve Kerr to call timeout as Golden State’s lead dwindled to 69-68 with 9:31 remaining.

Out of the timeout, the Warriors couldn’t hit and Love hit a three on the catch, but Curry came back with an and-one down the left side, hanging and drawing contact on Love as the lefty layup went in.

But Smith came back with a three that went in, out, and in, then both teams traded baskets with Draymond scoring on the roll and Klay spinning past Kyrie.

Irving got a bucket, yet another Cavs score with the ball trickling in on the rim, but Curry hit a three on a step-back over the switched Tristan Thompson and Cleveland head coach Tyronn Lue called timeout as the Warriors hung on to a 79-78 lead with 6:25 to play

Once again, the Cavs got an easy bucket out of the timeout, with LeBron finding Kyrie for a reverse layup past JaVale McGee.

Later, James got an and-one in transition to trickle in over Durant, KD pulled up and missed, but Steph tapped the ball to Andre Iguodala, who got the ball back to Curry.

Curry missed another three try, but Iguodala was there for the two-hand put-back.

Both teams shot some free throws as both were in the penalty, but Love hit a three and James got another bucket late in the shot clock, then after Patrick McCaw missed from the left baseline, LeBron found Irving on the break over Shaun Livingston to take a 91-87 lead with under two minutes to go.

Durant back-rimmed a jumper, Irving went coast-to-coast past Steph, and the Warriors had to rely on a McCaw upfake past Smith, getting fouled, to trim the Cavs lead to 94-89 heading into the final frame.

Q4: Assassin

Cleveland leading 94-89
Airball by Andre …Jefferson missed 3 Love rebound LBJ missed on the drive.
Klay dunk on transition assist from Clark 94-91 steal Andre
Kyrie drove and kicked out to LBJ for 3 97-91 Cavs
Klay dunked pass from Andre who stole 97-93
Korver nailed a 3 LBJ assist 100-93
D West dunk 100-95
Kyrie jumper 102-95
KD drove missed fouled by Korver

Timeout @ 8:33 mark 102- 95 Cavs leading

KD made both FT’s 102-97
Love missed 3 pointer Curry rebounded missed on drive.. Korver missed
Durant scores on drive 102-99 Cavs
Kyrie missed layup Steph missed long 3
JR Smith missed 3 LBJ rebound fouled by Klay
LBJ drove on Steph scored Cavs 104-99 Cavs
Offensive foul on KD . LBJ drove on Steph who was called for block

Timeout 6:30 left score 104-99

Miss by Cleveland
Durant with long 3 104-102
JR smith fouled by Andre on the drive went 1 for 2 from line 105-102 Cavs
KD miss
Kyrie drove against Klay scored on floater and 1 108-102 Cavs
Curry scored on own reb 108-104 Cavs
Kyrie miss Curry rebound
Klay scored 3 assist from KD 108-107 Cavs

Timeout Cavs 4:40 left Cavs leading 108-107

Curry fouled LBJ on entry pass
LBJ made both ft’s score 110-107
Missed dunk by Andre LBJ missed layup
KD fouled by Kyrie

Timeout Warriors 3:43 left score 110-107

Klay missed 3 Korver rebound
Smith made 3 113-107 Cavs
KD missed then JR missed LBJ got rebound Love misses layup
Curry drove to scored 113-109
Kyrie missed layup got own rebound LBJ missed jumper
KD rebound fouled by Korver

Timeout Warriors 113-109 Cavs leading 1:24 left

Durant drove and scored left on short jumper 113-111 Cavs

Timeout Cavs leading 113-111 1:15 left

Korver missed 3
Durant made a 3 on LBJ 114-113 DUBS took the lead
Kyrie missed 3 Steph rebound
KD fouled by Korver made both ft’s 116-113 Warriors

Timeout Cavs 12.9 seconds left Warriors up 116-113

Andre blocked LBJ 3pt attempt oob off LBJ Dubs ball
Curry fouled by Kyrie made both 118-113 Warriors
Wild miss by Love oob. Warriors ball.
Inbound Warriors run out clock

(Photo: @mbodmer on Instagram)

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