2017 Championship Shirts and Stickers

2017 Championship Shirts and Stickers


2017 Championship Shirts and Stickers

Rather than using an online shirt/sticker vendor, we’ll be offering everything through www.artofstephens.com this year. Shirts and stickers are currently being manufactured and should start shipping no later than 07/01/2017. We have a couple designs available this year. First up is the original names on the cup design available on shirts and stickers:


The second design available is this sweet “Back-to-Back” Illustration featuring Malkin and Crosby’s take on a pose made famous by 66 and 68. We’ve partnered with Sin Bin Apparel to offer this on shirts:

Prints and stickers will be available through Art of Stephen S. (we’ve also included an order link for the shirt in case anyone was trying to order multiple items).

Also new to the shop is this beauty:



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