Cardinals Had Dessert; Will They Eat Their Veggies?

Cardinals Had Dessert; Will They Eat Their Veggies?


Cardinals Had Dessert; Will They Eat Their Veggies?

You know what, Phillies, if you just want to stick around St. Louis for another 3 (or 6 or) games, I don’t think anyone would mind.

Waddaya say? Maybe catch a flight together back to Philadelphia for the series next week?

Unfortunately, the schedule is what the schedule is and the Cardinals will have to eat their veggies against the Brewers and Orioles before they get dessert again.

Speaking of dessert… this kid is the weekend’s champion:


I guess we can’t have it both ways.

We chastised the Cardinals for not taking advantage of a weak start by everyone in NL Central. But on the heels of a 7-game losing streak, the NL Central has failed to kill the Cardinals ’17 season.

As we sit here today:

Basically a series win against the Brewers away from possibly being in 1st place.

The realist in me hates that sentence and every word contained within. After all, the Cardinals have 1 win this entire month against teams that don’t have the worst record in baseball.

But the optimist?

Have to admit that not cringing at my phone all weekend whenever I got an MLB App score alert was good for the soul.

What can we expect this week from the Cardinals? Below you’ll find my expert analysis:

The Cardinals got a standing 8 count last week, but the ref is going to let them fight on.

Will they fight?

Time will tell.

Photo: Lancaster Online

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