2017-18 Minnesota Wild Pre-Season Schedule Announced

2017-18 Minnesota Wild Pre-Season Schedule Announced


2017-18 Minnesota Wild Pre-Season Schedule Announced

The Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe have been awarded.  You can go and enjoy summer without worrying about whether or not the NHL is going to allow its players to participate (without consequences) at the upcoming Winter Olympics or where the salary cap is going to be at.  Well, almost without worry.  In the meantime, the NHL released its pre-season schedule for the 2017-18 season.

While the games themselves mean nothing, they do give fans an idea of when the NHL season will be back into full swing.   The 28th’s matchup against the Blues could be a bit volatile since its the first time the teams have played against one another since St. Louis bounced the Wild from the playoffs earlier this spring.  Maybe its just me but it’d be nice to have some games outside of the division where there wasn’t such an incentive to injure your opponents.I suppose keeping the cost down is what teams care about the most; so here is your preseason schedule.

Monday, September 18th, @ Winnipeg at 7PM (CST)

Thursday, September 21st, vs. Winnipeg at 7PM (CST)

Saturday, September 23rd, vs. Colorado at 5PM (CST)

Sunday, September 24th, @ Colorado at 6PM (CST)

Tuesday, September 26th, @ Dallas at 7:30PM (CST)

Thursday, September 28th, @ St. Louis at (TBA)

Saturday, September 30th, vs Dallas at 7PM (CST)j

It could’ve been a bit more interesting had Bloomington, MN has won the Kraft Hockeyville contested which would’ve meant one of these games would’ve been hosted at the Bloomington Ice Garden which has plenty of great history in its own right.  But alas they got runner up so the team will spend its pre-season all at NHL arenas.

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