Parayko: "Obviously I want to come back to St. Louis"

Parayko: "Obviously I want to come back to St. Louis"


Parayko: "Obviously I want to come back to St. Louis"

Once upon a time, Colton Parayko was one of the best kept secrets in the NHL. That changed in a hurry as the big defenseman made waves in the league with his two-way play, monster shot and total confidence with the puck. With the word out on Parayko and the defenseman still lacking a contract heading into 2017-18, rumors have circulated that teams want to extend massive offer sheets in hopes of landing his services.

For starters, the Blues (specifically Doug Armstrong) have already said that they’d match any offer sheet. That should kill any rumor on arrival.

That being said, what does Parayko think about all of this and the fact he doesn’t have a contract? Evidently, he’s pretty comfortable with where he’s at and isn’t too worried.

Via STLToday:

“I do hope something gets done, so I’m not unemployed — no, I’m just joking,” Parayko said, laughing. “But I haven’t heard anything, just getting back from the world championships. I’ve still got to meet with my agent before everything starts rolling.

Obviously I want to come back to St. Louis. So yeah, I would like something to get done, but for me the time frame is not a concern. I don’t want to worry about hurrying up a deal or trying to drag one out, but just work together and do it the proper way.”

Considering Parayko is joking around about his contract situation, it doesn’t sound like Blues fans have anything to worry about quite yet. There’s no question that the Blues will have to give Parayko a hefty raise (he made just $858,750 in 2016-17), but that’s been known and is one of the reasons the Blues weren’t in a position to retain Kevin Shattenkirk.

Hopefully, the two sides will be able to reach a deal before this becomes a larger story.

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