Fill In Your Own Mike Leake Pun Here

Fill In Your Own Mike Leake Pun Here


Fill In Your Own Mike Leake Pun Here

On March 10th, I posted a blog called ‘The Cardinals Need a Big Year From Mike Leake‘ on this here site.

I’ll save you a click: in order for the Cardinals to be good in 2017, Mike Leake needed to be good.

Much better than 2016 Mike Leake:

  • 9-12 record
  • 4.69 era
  • 203 hits surrendered in 176.2 innings pitched
  • 0.5 war

After he twirled an 8 inning gem against the LA Dodgers on May 24th, I not only thought Leake would be an All-Star, but should get some consideration as the NL starter over Clayton Kershaw.

I was skeptical after the first few starts, but sailing into June with a sub 2.00 ERA? I was starting to believe!

That fielding independent ERA everyone was screaming about last year… maybe his 2016 was sabotaged by bad defense and bad luck. This is the REAL Mike Leake!

Since that start?

It’s been gruesome.

  • 4 starts… 4 losses
  • 17 earned runs
  • 31 hits
  • ERA from 1.91 to 3.14
  • 5 HR (he gave up 0 in 5 APR starts)

Now, I mention April above. And I’m fully aware that comparing a player to one of his career best months isn’t fair. Conversely, in a big divisional game, at home, 6 earned runs over 6 innings isn’t giving your team a very good shot to win.

So what are we working with here? Is this ‘Mike Leake ’16: The Sequel’?

Or can this happen:

And, no, I’m not talking about blazers over turtlenecks.

The Cardinals had a real nice opportunity this week to solidify themselves as contenders in a weak NL Central.

It’s not over. The epitaph for his year hasn’t been set.

But if the Cardinals are going to actually make progress in the standings, Mike Leake has to be better than what he’s shown the past 4 starts.

Photo: Abandoned Memories

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