Big Karl, I love the way you raised Karl-Anthony Towns

Big Karl, I love the way you raised Karl-Anthony Towns


Big Karl, I love the way you raised Karl-Anthony Towns

Mr. Karl Towns Sr.

AKA Big Karl.

Mr. Carino is a fantastic journalist:

He covered you fairly, I felt like, and responsibly. It was a great read.

He’s no ordinary journalist, of course. Mr. Carino has a history with you:

A 20 year history! Wow…

At this point, it’s safe to assume that you guys are friends for life, but it wasn’t the length of your relationship with Mr. Carino that stood out to me.

It was how well he knows you:

Big Karl is a character — gregarious, sharp-witted, often with the volume on high — but he’s not some hanger-on. He knows basketball and he’s spent a lifetime teaching Karl-Anthony. (APP)

I’m not sure what “hanger-on” means, but it doesn’t matter. What matters more is the quote in the beginning, and the end, because whenever I watch Karl-Anthony Towns play on the court, I could see the sharp-witted, basketball instincts that he has inherited from you:

I could also see the drive that he has to succeed in everything that he does:

“I love the grind,” Karl-Anthony said of what he learned most from his dad. “When it comes to locking in and putting the work in, that’s something I’ve always loved to do.” (APP) 

Based on that quote alone, I’m going to conclude that Karl-Anthony Towns will put in all the hours that is needed to become the best player in the NBA.


I firmly believe he will be because so far in his young career, KAT has accomplished a lot!

And then some:

(AHH! So that’s why he called himself Big KAT. It’s a tribute to you Big Karl!)

There’s plenty of seasons to look forward to before we could enshrine him in the hall of fame, but at this point in your son’s career, I’m going to assume that you’re a proud father right?

“I’m not going to be the voice of opinion and the voice of distraction,” [Big Karl said] “I’m just going to be a parent. At this stage of his career, I don’t have to show him direction. He knows this is his job.” (APP)

Yup, it sure sounds like it. I could see you on YouTube reliving the countless memories your son has given to Timberwolves fans like myself:

Big Karl…what a player your son has become!

Big KAT is on a path towards eternal stardom.

Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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