Golden State Warriors: Draymond Green's sweet revenge

Golden State Warriors: Draymond Green's sweet revenge


Golden State Warriors: Draymond Green's sweet revenge

Draymond versus Lebron gets another chapter

The brilliance of Draymond Green was on display at the Golden State Warriors 2017 NBA Championship parade earlier this week. Green was wearing a custom designed t-shirt, which I’m sure will be duplicated or sold to everyone very soon.

The shirt featured the championship trophy with the word “Quickie” next to it. It seems harmless at first glance but if you look closely, especially if you place a photo of the Cleveland Cavaliers arena logo next to it, you will notice a resemblance between the letter q on the arena logo and the q on Green’s shirt.

Since the loss in Game 7 of last year’s NBA Finals, Green has been on a mission against the Cavaliers. Vowing to embarrass and destroy the Cavs if given the opportunity in the finals again. Green’s determination comes with good reason, delivered by the Cavs players from their celebrations last year. LeBron James wore an ultimate Warriors shirt to their parade. On top of that, during a 2016 Halloween party hosted by James, yellow and blue tombstone shaped cookies were available as snacks.  With how fast videos and pictures are available via social media these days, those images and videos were all over the internet in no time.

After starting the playoffs with a 12-0 record, Green and the rest of the Warriors went into the finals firing on all cylinders. The Warriors defeated the Cavs in convincing fashion and finally gave Green the opportunity he’s been waiting for since last year. The chance, on the biggest stage, to fire back at James and the Cavs. Accompanied by the shirt Green was wearing, he also took some jabs at the Cavs during his speech and on social media.

With both teams projected to return their star players next season, a fourth battle between the Warriors and Cavs can be expected. If so, another year of Green and the Cavs going back and forth should be interesting.

In your opinion, do you think this banter between both teams is good for the rivalry? Or should the players keep it on the court only?

Let me know in the comments below.

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