Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast comes to Left Coast Sports

Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast

Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast comes to Left Coast Sports


Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast comes to Left Coast Sports

Left Coast Sports is proud to become the new home for the Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast. The podcast by Pete D. Camarillo and Kenneth Berry already features about 30 episodes of content surrounding the NFL and other topical cultural tangents. This duo has been deflating the sports podcast competition since 2015.

What is the Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast?

This podcast is more than a football podcast for football heads by football heads. TDs & Tangents features topical tangents and endless banter surrounding the NFL, culture, and society. That means race, sex, hip hop, food, politics, economics, religion and almost everything else comes up during this football podcast.


Listen to any Touchdowns and Tangents episode and you will laugh, cry and possibly get annoyed. Either way, you are sure to think and feel some type of way. There are weekly games like “Touchdown or Turnover” and plenty of unnecessarily tough rants to close out the show.

Pete and Kenny are former football players with hundreds of published articles and dozens of published podcasts between them. They pride themselves in talking about the NFL at a deeper level than just X’s or O’s. This engages both the casual and die-hard NFL fans.

Moreover, they are West Coast sports experts engrained in NFL fandom and knowledge. Hence, they fit the Left Coast Sports brand and mission. You can catch the Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast live on Spreaker on Thursdays at 8 p.m. PST.

Give Tds & Tangents a listen here, on Spreaker, on Soundcloud, in Apple Music or the Google Music store. You can also follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook and add them on Instagram. Trust their process.



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