Blues say goodbye to their old scoreboard

Blues say goodbye to their old scoreboard


Blues say goodbye to their old scoreboard

Earlier this month, I mentioned that the larger, updated scoreboard installed inside the Scottrade Center might be the best addition the team makes this summer. There are still a lot of roster moves to sort out before that claim is proven either true or false, but the excitement over the new scoreboard is growing now that the Blues have said goodbye to their old board.

The team released this awesome short video starring organist Jeremy Boyer as a way of paying tribute to an old friend.

Some fans who may not follow the Blues closely or who may just be a bit too into summer questioned whether or not this meant the Blues were moving to a new arena. No, they’ll still call Scottrade home (though the Scottrade name will likely be changing soon), but they are moving on from their extremely dated scoreboard.

There’s no telling when the new scoreboard will go up, but so far we do know that it’s roughly double the size and (as you’d imagine) has a much better picture.

The Blues had a great way of sending out their old board. How will they welcome their new one?

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