Indians 6, Twins 2 - Game 2 - The games are running together

Indians 6, Twins 2 - Game 2 - The games are running together


Indians 6, Twins 2 - Game 2 - The games are running together

The Moment: Lonnie Chisenhall hit a home run before the game was delayed by rain, but the big smash was a three run shot off of Tyler Duffey AFTER the delay that really swung this game to Cleveland. Just an absolute no doubter.

The Hero: Like I said, Chisenhall cranked out two dingers, and the second one, at least, was embarassingly deep. Take that, Minnesota. That shot alone should knock the Twins down a few pegs.

The Goat: Immediately after the swing, Tyler Duffey knew it. “I’m the goat tonight” He likely said as he kicked the dirt on the mound.

The Soundtrack: ESPN Radio, Sportscenter. I’ve been out all day, and the radio verion of ESPN, at least, still brings you some actual news.

The Story: The second game of Saturday’s double header went on forever, thanks primarily to a 5th inning rain delay, that interrupted the first decent start the Twins had all series. Adalberto Mejia had given up 2 solo home runs, but those were the only runs he had allowed. Sure, when you give up home runs, you likely aren’t pitching as well as it seems, but with all the damage the Indians and Mariners before them inflicted on the bullpen lately, it would be nice to get them off the field for a little while. Especially on a double header day.

And then Tyler Duffey came in and gave up three runs when Lonnie Chisenhall hit one to the moon.

Alan Busenitz came in to make his debut and worked 2 innings. He also allowed a solo homer, but that was his only run allowed, so it was kind of a theme. Players Rob Antony acquired gave up solo home runs in yesterday’s 2nd game. It’s a very subtle theme.

The Twins’ offense once again was incredibly underwhelming. They only collected 5 hits, and scored their only one run when Brian Dozier homered off of Nick Goody, who needs to pitch better if he wants to support his family after his father, Sam, saw his chain of entertainment stores go belly up. There isn’t much positive to take from this game, aside from the fact that it is finally over.

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