The Tourniquet

The Tourniquet


The Tourniquet

The Nationals scored in the first inning in three of the first four games during this weekend series including Sunday, which could have been the knockout blow of the season. But Jacob deGrom in true “forget you Jobu, I do it myself” fashion, went oppo taco for his first career home run and also pitched 8 strong innings to lead the Mets to a very much needed 5-1 victory yesterday. Unfortunately, great individual performances like deGrom’s are how the Mets are going to have to get most of their wins going forward, and deGrom can’t pitch every day. (Nor can Yoenis Cespedes, who had four hits on Saturday, play every day because he’s being conserved.)

deGrom’s performance is just a tourniquet on a season that’s bleeding out. They’re ten and a half behind Washington, and 12 behind the N.L. West for the wild card. Math says miracles can happen. My eyes say the miracle liaison has left town for good this year. But amidst the good feelings from Sunday, here’s what particularly galls me: The Nationals are 53-30 all time at Citi Field, and 40-15 since 2012. I don’t know how any organization deems that to be acceptable. But the Mets sure do, don’t they? Or else they would be doing everything they can to improve their team instead of just letting seasons rot. It must be acceptable, because nobody has lost their job from the manager to the general manager to the strength and conditioning coach, whose players don’t seem to be strong, or conditioned.

Can’t wait to see Clayton Kershaw tonight.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Trea Turner
  2. Darren Baker
  3. Jake Boone
  4. Jonathan Papelbon
  5. Derek Norris

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