Friday at the Links: ASU, Mismash, Tippett and More

Friday at the Links: ASU, Mismash, Tippett and More

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Friday at the Links: ASU, Mismash, Tippett and More

So far this summer, there’s been very little college hockey news. The offseason has been uneventful and boring. This morning, this little news nugget hit Twitter.

From College Hockey News:

The NHL will announce later today that the league will sponsor studies at five U.S. colleges to examine the feasibility of a Division I hockey program on those campuses, according to an NHL source. The University of Illinois will be the first university to undergo the study.

The news doesn’t mean that Illinois, or any of the other four schools, will join Division I, but the study should give those schools a framework as to what will be needed in order to make the jump, including financials.

I wouldn’t look too far into this. Starting a Division I college hockey team is very expensive and we haven’t seen any wealthy donors stepping forward to start a college hockey program. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

I have to agree with the sentiments below, more college hockey is better.  However, we don’t need anymore ugly hockey helmets.

Even a big school like Arizona State is having a heck of a time finding a conference to call home. At the present time, no one wants them. Their arena situation is causing them a lot of trouble. Until they solve that problem, I don’t see them getting into a conference.

There’s more on the ASU saga. Honestly, I am tickled pink that the NCHC didn’t just add the Sun Devils last year. More and more, in hind sight, it’s looking like a very good decision. Now ASU has decided to back away from possible membership in the WCHA. It’s time for ASU to get serious if they want to join one of the conferences.

Here’s the story per College Hockey News:

According to sources, the biggest factor in the talks was the nature of subsidies Arizona State would make to the WCHA and its teams, particularly in regards to travel compensation. One of the biggest factors for walking away from the deal was Arizona State’s belief that the WCHA was asking for too much, and it was being leveraged because it’s a large school that could theoretically afford it.

The two Alaska schools currently pay a subsidy for travel to the other WCHA teams.

“Instead of forking money over each year, (Arizona State) can invest in its program and recruits and schedule,” a source told CHN.

Bickering over Travel Subsidies. ASU continues to spin their wheels. Jess Myers confirmed the College Hockey News story.

There’s a coaching change to report. According to the, Former UND hockey alum Dave Tippett is out as the head coach of the Arizona Coyotes. Tippett played in 79 games from 1981-83 scoring (18g-59a—87pts). In eight season with the Coyotes, Tippett was 282-257-83.

“After some thoughtful discussions with [owner Andy Barroway], we both agreed that it was best for me to move on,” Tippett said in a statement issued by the team. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Coyotes and wish Andy and the entire organization all the best in the future.”

This weekend is the NHL’s 2017 Entry Level Draft. Only one incoming UND freshman is supposed to be drafted this year; Grant Mishmash. It will be interesting to see where he’s selected. There’s a chance that Andrew Peski “could” be drafted in this weekend’s draft.

It looks like former Fighting Sioux defenseman Matt Greene’s time has come to an end with the L.A. Kings. It will be interesting to see if Greene catches on with someone else.

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