No. 5 Not High Enough For Khalil Mack

No. 5 Not High Enough For Khalil Mack


No. 5 Not High Enough For Khalil Mack

NFL Network’s Top-100 players list from Joey Bosa at No. 100 to Tom Brady at No. 1 has been revealed. I don’t and shouldn’t have problem with Brady at No. 1 after winning his fifth Super Bowl. There were very few rankings that I disagreed with and even then, I didn’t have a big problem with it.

It was not until they got to the top-5 that I started to have a problem with the order of these rankings. To me, Oakland Raiders EDGE Khalil Mack should be No. 2 and the highest rated defensive player. Accuse me of Raiders bias all you want but Mack is the most dominant defensive player in the NFL.

Mack had 11 sacks to 13.5 by Miller but Miller played with a much better defense than Mack did. He had a much better interior D-line due to an injury that Mario Edwards Jr. sustained in 2016. So while Miller saw lots of one-on-one blocking and some double-teams, Mack saw double and triple-teams.

Plus the Broncos had a great secondary, allowing the defensive front-7 to get there for coverage sacks. Mack has been clutch all year, saving games with sacks or forced INTs with his pressures. He beat a triple-team en route to his game-saving strip sack on the Carolina Panthers.

Mack is also physically more dominant, beating his man with power and speed while Miller is a speed guy. Speaking of his power, you can’t run to Mack’s side or you’ll end up with a loss of two. But the Raiders ran the same play right at Miller 10 times in a row with great success.

I understand Miller has done it for longer but this ranking is about last year and Mack was better!

Just win, baby!


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