Cards/Cubs Classic Basebrawl

Cards/Cubs Classic Basebrawl


Cards/Cubs Classic Basebrawl

You a little salty after last night’s bullpen meltdown? Looking to blow off a little steam?

12UP has unearthed a 1974 Cardinals/Cubs brawl video video that was previous unearthed by Toast Dispatch back in 2015. It’s not going to make you feel that much better. But maybe a little.


From 12UP:

This all started when Cardinals pitcher Al Hrabosky was taking his sweet time in between pitches. This wasn’t unusual so Madlock decided to do some stalling of his own by going back-and-forth to the on-deck circle to put pine tar on his bat.

The home plate umpire had enough and ordered Hrabosky to make a pitch, he did, and he ended up calling a strike with Madlock out of the batters box.

Madlock and the Cubs weren’t happy, obviously, and it sparked this brawl that ended up with a Ted Simmons fist at the back of the head of Madlock.

Were they going to throw those bats until Simmons stepped in?

If this fight happened today, First Take would probably be asking if ‘baseball should be illegal’.

Adam Wainwright pitches for the Cardinals tonight in Arizona.

Photo: Gaming Lives

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