Zach Orr plans to end brief retirement

Zach Orr plans to end brief retirement

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Zach Orr plans to end brief retirement

The pool of NFL players who are still available to be signed is usually pretty dry this time of year.

Zach Orr could change that.

The former Ravens linebacker got some good medical news and said on the NFL Network that he plans to end his brief retirement.

The 25-year-old Orr announced in January that he was forced to retire early due to a congenital spine condition that put him at risk of paralysis. Since then, he’s been told by other doctors that his risk of paralysis is no more than that of any other NFL player.

Orr was ninth in the NFL with 132 tackles in 2016. He also had three interceptions, five passes defended and a forced fumble in earning second-team All-Pro honors.

When a team doctor gives him the OK, Orr will be fully cleared to return to the NFL. The question is, which team’s doctor will make that decision?

Had he not retired, Orr would have been a restricted free agent. But since he retired, the Ravens didn’t tender him an offer so he’s now an unrestricted free agent. Although he’s on the open market, there seems to be a good chance the Ravens will get him back.

“Baltimore obviously would be favorites. But I just want to play football. And at the end of the day, that’s what I want to do. I love ball and I’m ready to give whoever or whatever my all out there on the field,” Orr said.

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