Report: Indy being unrealistic about Paul George demands

Report: Indy being unrealistic about Paul George demands


Report: Indy being unrealistic about Paul George demands

Considering Indiana’s position, this is just too much to ask. Chris Paul went for scraps, Jimmy Butler went for 50 cents on the dollars, and Paul George has created a scenario where the Pacers simply do not have the biggest threat… the player choosing to return… at their disposal.

Of course, a report like this is not unexpected. The Pacers almost undoubtedly fueled a recent Woj report that Celtics feel like they can sign George to an extension. Then came word that Houston is trying like hell to get in on the PG13 sweepstakes. A report characterizing the Pacers as wanting the moon for their departing star is to be expected. At this point, I expect a counter from a source somewhere that suggests Paul George’s interest in Boston isn’t real or it’s fading because he doesn’t believe in something Danny Ainge is doing… and the cosmic ballet goes on.

As I said in last night’s podcast, I think the Lakers and Memphis picks are enough… along with Crowder, Bradley, and Zeller. Crowder’s a starter, Bradley can be flipped at the deadline for more assets, and Zeller can be cut to save money. Three potential picks and a starter on what’s regarded the best value contract in the NBA is enough to get it done. That’s my limit in this situation.

Of course, sources will continue to play their game… especially as we tick closer to Saturday… so who knows what’s next.

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