Shine Your Shoes, Light The Fuse

Shine Your Shoes, Light The Fuse

Justice is Coming

Shine Your Shoes, Light The Fuse

For those of you who have been FAITHFUL READERS, you know my dad has been battling Mantle Cell Lymphoma for the last year and half. He will most likely be starting a new treatment shortly, so thanks as always for the good thoughts.
The last time we talked, I wondered aloud what was going on with Mike Williams. The team announced shortly thereafter that he’d be “shut down” until training camp. Oh shit, here we go again. I know that’s what everybody was thinking. Last year we don’t sign our first-round draft pick over FUCKING OFFSET LANGUAGE and he ends up getting hurt. This year we get him signed and he gets hurt anyway. It’s all so Chargers, you say. Since the move, the team has actually made some pretty smart business decisions. They even fired the medical staff. I guess if you believe that the Bolts are just cursed, then I suppose it doesn’t matter. You think the team is cursed, but then you also believe that San Diego as a city is destined to never win it all. If that’s the case, then maybe the Chargers are now free of the hex.

I recently stumbled upon this NFL Films doc. It’s pretty amazing and you maybe have already heard about it. The Pittstown Firebirds were also the subject of a book, The Forgettables, by Jay Acton. It’s basically the story of a crazy semi-pro team and is entertaining as well. The follow-up “Where Are They Now?” film is linked below if you are interested.

So back to the Bolts. I can’t remember if we discussed the Ingram deal. My take is that he’s not worth the money but that the Chargers had to keep him. The most Chargery thing to do would be to let him walk anyway. If the plan is to try to win now (and I don’t mean for LA), they need him to complement Bosa. Ingram doesn’t wrap up enough, but somehow is at least in the backfield. Maybe he can at least force the QB into another Charger’s clutches.
I wasn’t aware until recently that Verrett was still hurt. Like with Keenan Allen, I can get past the Raider hat. Unlike Allen, Verrett grew up a Raider fan. But you can’t call yourself “Feeva Island” if you can’t stay on the field. In the opener at Arrowhead, Verrett’s pick in the second half should have sealed the victory. But his running all over the field like he just did something amazing (yes, I know he grabbed the ball out of the receiver’s hands) bothered me. You’re just asking for comeuppance. Speaking of which, Keenan Allen’s shit-talking to Marcus Peters based on his one half of play in 2016 was also pretty pathetic. But maybe Anthony Lynn is all he seems and can get these guys to shut up, stay healthy, and produce. It was beyond refreshing when Lynn said that the first practice was sub-par. After listening to McCoward go on and on about the great week of practice leading to an utter stomping, I was just happy to hear any criticism.
Yeah, I was rocking the powder blue AFL hat last weekend for Dead And Company. My review for Glide Magazine can be read here if you care.
I’m sure you also saw this bit that the Chargers are the least popular team in football. When I saw that, I felt like Spinal Tap reading the review of their album “Shark Sandwich.” Shit sandwich? Can you even say that? Seriously, I’ve never even heard of this Wall St. site that took the poll. Popularity is all contingent on winning. If we start winning and look like we have a bright future, the relevancy will follow. Actually, there have been a lot of people already hyping UP the Chargers, which scares me. I saw Rich Eisen already picked them to go from worst to first. The Chargers already did that in 2004 and didn’t make shit of the opportunity. Speaking of which, I just started wearing my ’04 and ’04 division champs hats. It’s been so long since we actually won the division, let alone got knocked out in the first round, I thought it was OK. The pain eventually subsides. But this year is all about fresh starts and I’m going into the holiday weekend with that mindset.
So whatever you’re up to or into this weekend, be safe out there.
You yell ‘Barracuda,’ everybody says ‘Huh? What?’
You yell shark, we’ve got a panic on our hands on the 4th of July.

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